Instead of writing an article of my own this week, I am going to call on a fellow writer that has inspired me recently. I can appreciate how her writing shows her emotions so clearly in this article. Sometimes the answer to the question of ‘How was your trip?’ can seem a little jumbled in my head. All I can think is ‘How do I even begin to try to explain it to someone that can’t possibly understand what I’ve journeyed through?’ I wish all the fellow travelers out there peace and growth from their road less traveled. Keep chasing the sunshine!

The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About


The year of 24…

Ten years ago, I loathed going to high school. I escaped into teachers empty rooms during study hall, I sat silently when a school dance was the topic of discussion and I choked back tears when I passed groups in the halls whispering my name. Those times may have been extremely difficult, but now I thank each of those people for inspiring me in becoming the independent, fearless and prominent woman that I am today. My longing to be a part of ‘the popular group’ sparked my uniqueness within showing me independence. While searching for diversity I discovered the thrill and allure of travel forcing me to be fearless. And even during the low moments and foggy tunnels, I learned to always get back up showing me that I am prominent. 

Just in the past year, I have made unbreakable friendships, road tripped through 45 of 50 states in America, and learned something new every day. For every person, place and experience that has formed my soul, I celebrate with you. Thank you and continue to join me on my road of humility and grace in year 25.

Sunshine Frame of Mind…

This week has been steamy! We spent time bouncing between Wisconsin and Minnesota with highs close to 100 degrees every day. I can’t even complain about being sticky and sweaty because this is my happy temperature. The dream of living in my swimsuit with my toes dug into the sand was my reality. 

I had an unbelievable time relaxing and laughing with family and best friends. Thank you Vicki for the coffee and hair bonding time. Good luck to one of my closest companions, Hannah, on her journey across the country interning PT. I cannot wait to visit!

Have a beautiful and sunshiney weekend! Love from the Minnesotian desert.

A run in the zipper…

It’s late at night. I just need to use the bathroom. I pull the zipper down slowly because I know it’s touchy. And riiiiiiip…the zipper pops wide open. It’s almost like one half of the zipper couldn’t stand to be holding on to the other half. Tough life to be a zipper. The worst part is that I know it’s been used so often and needs replacing, but we’re trying to hold out a little longer. 

Looks like we need to buy a new tent.



We spent the remainder of the week in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The wildlife was magnificent, the hills were alive and Mount Rushmore did not disappoint. Custer State Park put the animals to shame that we saw at Yellowstone. But in that same corner, there wasn’t a single hot spring or gyser that I could fall into in South Dakota. I call both of them wins.

South Dakota was a big milestone in our journey across the U.S. It was the 45th and final state that we adventured in during this 6 month period. We may be coming to an end with this tour, but there will be many more trips, experiences and great pictures to come!

Happy weekend and enjoy some peanut butter!



It’s a Tent Life…

When was the last time you gazed up at the stars? Not just a quick glance up as you run from your car into your house, but really stopped to take in the wonder of our galaxy and beyond. 
In the past 5 months I have camped a total of 35 times. In the remainder 24.5 years of my life- 0 times. Yes, I’ve half-assed it laying in a tent in my childhood backyard. But as soon as the ground dew droplets turn from liquid to solid, BAM! I’m right back in my warm cozy bed. 

I’ve uncovered some of my most fortuitous qualities while camping. When thinking about it, what could actually go wrong sleeping in a home made of materials that can be folded into a tiny bag, in a location where most of the residents are four-legged and in a climate where warmth is just a suggestion? Everything. 

That said, I can now tell you that camping isn’t about being uncomfortable or frightened of the unpredictability of nature. It’s about growing outside of your small comfort zone. Some nights were filled with frustrations of how Nick and I are going to keep our shelter from leaking. Others were making dinner over a fire dressed in mittens and a winter hat. But all were nights that the stars shined bright showing me that the world is still turning and that I am here. 

I set out 6 months ago to rediscover humility. Little did I know, I was the main subject. 

Tonight, I lay here camping for my 36th night in Dubois, WY. I’m trying not to freeze my hypothetical balls off and all I can think of is how grateful I am. How honored I am to have this opportunity to discover, live, and prosper. 

So the question I should be asking is what could go right while camping? Everything.

Yellowstone was simply stunning and phenomenal. My only advice about the park- Go. See. It. Now. 

The place where everything is trying to kill you…

Our trip back out to the old west kicked off this week. It started out with a brief 6.5 hr. drive crossing over into Nodakian territory. We dazed in Bismark, ND for a night. Even though we didn’t stay long, we didn’t leave before we floated down the Missouri River on Nick’s Aunt and Uncle’s pontoon boat and slurped up our very first ‘real’ snowcone. Allow me to elaborate- This tasty treat was a three-toned mound of freshly shaved ice covering a hidden dollop of vanilla ice cream.

My first day in Yellowstone National Park was nothing short of a dream. Bison and elk graced us with their presence, minding their business, munching on grass and the blooming flowers. The burning stench of sulfur was almost enough to make you sprint in the other direction until you turned a corner and became awe struck by the unfathomable beauty of geysers forcefully expelling gases into the sky. I guess there’s something intriguing about walking, alongside 3 million people per year, on a dormant and curious caldera.
I’ll let the pictures elaborate. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on mine!
If you have any Yellowstone stories, I would love to hear them. Comment below!

Independence is not just a day…

As we round out another annual holiday, I am grateful for every part of it. The beauty of being surrounded by loved ones, the mouth watering grub, and the unity and hope that the United States puts in every persons eyes. However, for most people today means that the celebration is over because the weekend has ended. Even though it’s the beginning of a short week, it is ‘back to the salt mines,’ as they say. Please try not to think that way.

The past and present great people of this united nation have strenuously endured and overcome challenges that gives us the freedoms we are allowed today. Remember all of those difficult times from hundreds of years ago to the most recent days and grow stronger together. Make good change, don’t halt it with anger or fire. 

I am given a choice every day to look at the world in a certain light and I chose to be optimistic for the future. I learn and grow by traveling, meeting new people and seeing unbelievable things. I will encourage you to find your niche. 

I would love to hear about an example of freedom in your life! Please feel free to comment below!

Traveling update: We were in sunny and 75 up in Duluth, MN this weekend. It was, by all meaning, perfect weather. Our friends brought us to Silver Bay to discover a beach spread with shimmering black sand and surprising bluffs. We also gallivanted north of Grand Marais to Judge C. R. Magney State Park to witness the treasure of Devils Kettle waterfall. If you are unfamiliar, please do yourself a favor and research it. Just spectacular. 

Today we are refueling, washing laundry and changing the tires on the handsome Versa in order to prepare for the next leg of our journey. Drumroll… Tomorrow we are heading back out west to experience some of the places that were still in winter the first time we traveled through. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Black Hills are a few stops on our list. Follow along for more updates!


Have you ever heard of making a wish on 11:11? When I was younger, I would always hope for a boy to return my crush or chemistry would sink in via osmosis. That ended when I realized that you decide if your so called wishes come true. 

The road lead me back to the farm this week. It was packed with mornings of picking strawberries, ice cream dates with younger cousins, and Michael’s craft browsing with Grandma. Between all of the mini chores, I took an sensational amount of time alone plugged into my music and letting the brushes feel the rhythm of my heartbeat. Painting fills my soul. Just as much as traveling does. Completing an art piece can be just as satisfying as sitting on a bluff staring out into the ocean. I now hope that at the end of the world I am crouched on a beach with my easel. That wish is my reality.

How are you making your wishes into reality?!?

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!