I’m sure most of you are holding your breath and waiting in anticipation to hear about my journey across the pond. Well, the time has come. As with my travels taken last year, pictures no matter how incredible, suffer in capturing the raw emotion of personal experience.

ITALIA- if it’s not on your foreseeable “bucket list” you should consider pushing it to the immediate top. The Rome crew included my forever partner, Nick and his wondrous parents. We set up camp (although not literally) for the week in Rome, Italy. When in Rome (see what I did there ;)) we dabbled in Vatican City hanging with Papa Frank, trudged through the Colosseum and Roman Forum, investigated the ruins of Pompeii, and ate our body weight in tortellini and gelato. It was exceptional in every way. The uncanny history, the scrumptious food and the pleasurable people are just a few reasons to explore the peninsula.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I would love to hear your comments/stories below!

Wander on wanderers!

On top of the world! (Roman Forum)IMG_0405

Roman ForumIMG_0408

Mount Vesuvius, NaplesIMG_0496

Colosseum (outer) IMG_0845

Colosseum (inner)IMG_0857

Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican CityIMG_0918

Italia crewIMG_1084

Trevi FountainIMG_1098

Piazza NavonaFullSizeRender (6)

Spanish StepsIMG_0214