The year of 24…

Ten years ago, I loathed going to high school. I escaped into teachers empty rooms during study hall, I sat silently when a school dance was the topic of discussion and I choked back tears when I passed groups in the halls whispering my name. Those times may have been extremely difficult, but now I thank each of those people for inspiring me in becoming the independent, fearless and prominent woman that I am today. My longing to be a part of ‘the popular group’ sparked my uniqueness within showing me independence. While searching for diversity I discovered the thrill and allure of travel forcing me to be fearless. And even during the low moments and foggy tunnels, I learned to always get back up showing me that I am prominent. 

Just in the past year, I have made unbreakable friendships, road tripped through 45 of 50 states in America, and learned something new every day. For every person, place and experience that has formed my soul, I celebrate with you. Thank you and continue to join me on my road of humility and grace in year 25.


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