First day…

Beginning of the school year. Start of a new adventure. Adding a third roommate. It’s been a fantastic 24 hrs. It’s been a welcoming return to ‘normal life.’ The beauty of it all is though, my fullness comes from the glow of the sun, helping people and endless smiles. 

Keep true to your meaning of normal.

Welcome to MN Hannah! I promise to make your days filled with unexpected weather changes, pumpkin spice lattes and leggings with matching rider boots.


Happy Birthday NPS!…

Happy 100th birthday to National Park Service! As you all know, I have a very high biased opinion of this particular topic, but only because this country offers phenomenal opportunities for exploration. I encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of the beauties that are right next door. I have selected a few pictures of some of the national parks/forests/monuments/memorials/seashores that we embraced along the way. Be amazed, be inspired.

Tell me about your favorite National Park!


My new show on HGTV!…

Great news: I am going to be featured on a brand new home makeover/cooking show presented on HGTV! Coming soon!
False. But I should look into it. My trip home this weekend, turned into my very own episode of ‘Top Chef’ combined with ‘Fixer Upper.’ That may be a little extreme, but I was still pleased with my completed projects. With a little help (okay, quite a bit of help) from my very crafty and precise younger brother we fashioned together a dining room table. All it took was a rainy afternoon and a few lost scraps to create a piece of work that looked like it belonged in page 29 of a Pottery Barn magazine. No matter how much I adored my new piece of furniture, I truly cherished the time spent with my one and only little bro. 

In addition to that project, my mother introduced me to the pressure canner. We made salsa! All of the vegetables, of course, were freshly grown in her garden. Can you say mouth-watering? 

So the next time you stop be we will be offering homemade salsa and chips to snack on, while relaxing at our uniquely individual Pottery Barn-esque table.

Thank you Mom, Dad and Jake for the time spent together this weekend. It was needed and highly valued. 

Much love to all of my loyal readers out there. Please comment below if you have a new project that I should dive into! I would love to hear from you! 

Might and Will…

Nick and I apparently missed the Versa a little bit. Tuesday morning we woke up with zero plans for the day. And by 10:30am, we had packed together a cooler of hot dogs and water, a few extra clothes, and a steamy tent (that’s been cooped up for over a month!) and we headed north for a couple days. Our next stop was something that we’ve actually stopped and viewed it’s beauty in a few different states along our way including Iowa, Missouri and Louisiana.

The mouth of the Mighty Mississippi River. 

All land forms impress me, but bodies of water truly leave me in awe. As I pulled off my sneakers to dip into the “Mighty Mississippi,” I realized something spectacular. At it’s beginning it isn’t mighty at all. There is, however, a current and will. With that starts an astounding trip cutting and growing through the center of North America. Feeling the water rush past my ankles as I waded through the entire head of this river, I couldn’t be more amazed. 

High five to spontaneous and wondrous exhibitions! 
Intriguing facts about the Mississippi River for those interested:

It’s rushing waters flow 2,340 feet beginning in Lake Itasca and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. For a drop of water, it takes a total of 90 days to travel the entire distance. Combined with the Missouri River it forms the longest river in the U.S. and the forth longest in the world (behind the Nile, Amazon, and Yangtze). An estimated 18 million people or over 50 cities rely on the the Mississippi for their water supply (a large percentage of those people are located in Minnesota). 

Thunder Rolls…

Rainy nights, warm blanket = soothing soul. 

I know that I’ve written about the rain in previous posts, but every drop has a different impact on its target. Some raindrops clean sidewalks of children’s chalk art, other drops fall in the hair of a girl kissing her fellow. It’s neat to think that every drop has a story. No matter the metaphor you think of describing your rain, know that it’s a part of who you are. 

Keep listening to those raindrops and dream often.

Having everything….

I am a day late, but never a dollar short. Today, I found a moment where I slowed my breathing and listened in slow motion to the seconds that were passing me by. I was sitting on a short bench outside the grizzly bear enclosure at the Minnesota zoo. A 4-year-old sat beside me shoving handfuls of cheesy popcorn into his mouth oblivious to the fact that his whole life is ahead of him. This, however, did not stop him from gazing at each person walking by like a open story book. No matter the age, size, or education level of the inspirational people in my life I couldn’t be more grateful for each of them, especially my kiddos. I’ve been around the world and witnessed some of the most unbelievable sights in this country; yet this child that isn’t even big enough to ride a roller coaster has the ability to melt my heart into a pile of mush. 
The lesson of not having very much and in turn, having everything couldn’t be more clear to me.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and every eminent person beside you. 

Thank you to mom, Laurie and Sarah for the much needed girls get-a-way this week. The laughs and memories are everlasting. 


As the boxes are becoming unpacked and everything is finding a place, I am reminiscent of nights in the tent. Clearing my life of easy clutter helped me appreciate even the minuscule things. For example, my favorite room used to be my shoe closet. Now, I am incredibly grateful for a bathroom so close to where I sleep, and a full functioning kitchen that doesn’t require a fire to cook food or the need to walk 1/2 mile to wash my dirty dishes. Don’t get me wrong I am still a sucker for a new pair of Nike’s, but pulling a mouth watering batch of cookies out of the oven is definitely something I missed more. Though, settling back into apartment life again won’t be difficult I will continue to find little blessings in daily life.

Follow your dreams. Experience everything. Happiest of birthday wishes go out to my little brother Jake! 

The End of an Era, The Beginning of a Lifetime…

image1 (2).JPGFacts from the trip

  • 6 months
  • One Versa-26,800 miles
  • Drove into 45 states (missed Alaska, Hawaii, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nevada) and 2 countries
  • Stayed in 61 cities
  • Stared in awe at 10 National Parks
  • Camped 37 nights, crashed at 29 homes (THANK YOU! We have the BEST family and friends!)
  • Too many granola bars and peanut butter sandwiches to count
  • Hours of carpool karaoke
  • Two best friends = Infinite memories

187 days ago Nick and I began a journey that was doubted by some and envied by most. I swallowed the comments of discouragement and confusion because those opinions would not halt me. In fact, they encouraged me to discover greater places and be open to wider ideas. I started what seemed like a simple voyage and was unexpectedly served an extra large gooey slice of real world pie. Each moment was just as mystical and never failing as the last. My six month crusade of discovery, truth and humility has come to an end. However, the spirit of this time and what was learned will live in me forever. I do not plan to stop traveling (EVER) because it brings me immeasurable euphoria, but I am going to pull the reigns back a little.

I am delighted to announce that I will be teaching high school special education this coming fall and Nick will be continuing his undergraduate work. I expect many visitors this next year. We always have an open couch!

I will continue to blog on Mondays and Fridays, keep following! As always, comment below! Let me know your favorite place to visit in Minnesota and I will likely feature it on an upcoming post. 🙂

Best Friend…

Care. Happiness. Love. Support. These are just a few simple man-made words that try to describe one of the most challenging, sacrificial, bonding, and rewarding jobs as a person can have. It is the full purpose of being a best friend. In any situation, the truest meaning is portrayed when that person is simply there. It may be every day with small challenges or once a year with a new life change. They are there. Picking you up from the mud of others actions and bringing joy into your life as if it’s the last time you are going to smile. 

I am reminded with moments and cherish how valuable that notion of being/having a best friend is. I certainly don’t have enough pictures or words to express to people in my life whom I am blessed to give that undoubted title to, but enjoy the pictures I tried to dig up.

I love all y’all.
Happy August to everyone! This is going to be a pretty monumental month (pun intended) for Nick and I. As it may not include visiting any actual monuments (or maybe it will), we will be taking a few steps back into Minnesota for a while. I am excited to incorporate my ‘gypsy lifestyle’ back into central Minnesota. Follow along as I take yet another unmarked path in my life!

Side note-Congrats to my big bro and his new bride!