Pots on pots…

As the clock struck 3:05, all of the children picked up their books, scampered out the front doors to begin their long weekend. I headed in the opposite direction into the back corner of the cold, now silent, brick building. I arrived at a room with no windows or desks, just a couple of wheels waiting to get splattered in mud. I slid my smock over my professional wear, kicked off my shoes, and took my place at a pottery wheel. After one album of Bon Iver had played and a stack of clay had been molded, I decided to begin my weekend journey outside.

Enjoy daily beauty in your life!


Oh Baby!…

This weekend was an absolute delight; and the company was even more extraordinary. Infinite xoxo’s to the Johnson’s!

Fall. Drive. MN.

Bright aqua skies brushed with whispers of tender clouds. 

Deceiving glow of the cool fall sunshine. 

Half naked trees preparing for winter. 

Blacktop leading anywhere and no where. 

Beauty, desire and fortune within simplicities of nature.

Fall. Drive. MN.

Check yo self…

“You are so strong.” That is one of the highest compliments ever given. Though, on the contrary it can also be the most confused. Here’s powerful piece of advice, from my conference this weekend, that stuck with me- You don’t know, what you don’t know. 

This means that every person can only offer their own individual perspective. Even two siblings with identical upbringings have different thoughts and views. Soldiers on the same military base in Iraq, see and experience something different. Every single mother has their own story. Our mind is trained to categorize and make things easier to understand. Would you want your life to be thrown into categories making you seem just like others? I hope not; I know that I don’t.

So, next time you’re thinking of offering empty words of gratitude, I urge you to listen and ask questions instead. Our stories are what relate us to each other. They are what make us individuals. Get to know your people. If we all do that a little more, we can spread openness, respect and understanding.

Yes sir. Yes ma’am…

Tonight I find myself in dorm style building; hunkered down in a small, but quant perfectly square bedroom. In one corner of the room, I find myself laying like a mummy on what clearly feels like a heavily used twin bed. The only other company for the bed, is a wooden desk, a closet (made of the same wood as the desk) and a hovering sink, all snugly placed into there proper corners. No. I did not lose my apartment. However, I did trade it in this weekend for a new experience. About a month ago, my school offered a workshop titled “Veteran’s Voices.” Just the title alone grabbed my attention. I continued to read what this workshop offered and signed up immediately. 

As a child growing up in a military family, soldiers are heroes. No one ever told me that; my parents never sat me down and had a long conversation about the military. I saw it. I experienced it. When I was in elementary school, my dad was absent one weekend every month for drill. When he walked through the door in his uniform on Sunday night we celebrated by reading bedtime stories on his lap. My freshman year of college, my older brother would call me at 2 o’clock in the morning from Afghanistan because that’s was the only free time he had. 

I never questioned that my brother, father, cousins and grandfather are heroes for serving in the armed forces. Never. 

This weekend at Camp Ripley, I have a privilege to look deeper and gain a greater perspective into understanding what’s beyond the uniform. I am a civilian living in a military world. Learn about it and be open.

Here’s to you!…

To all my loyal and loving followers: I deeply apologize for not keeping my promise of posting on Monday’s and Friday’s. However, I have decided to make a change-I will continue to post on those days (even if I have to set my alarm to remind me), but it may be just a quote I found inspiring, a song that perked my ear, or a suggestion from you! I will take travel, food or any other suggestions that you want to share with me. I will feature [blank suggestion] in a future blog post. Also, along with the social publicity I am including another little incentive to get your wheels turning. I will reward each participant with his or her choice of one of my personal hand crafted paintings! Now, you have no excuse not to join along with me!

I cannot wait to hear what YOU come up with! To post a comment does not require a log in for wordpress.com. If you have any questions, let me know!

–Warm hugs and fresh coffee on a breezy fall day made my Saturday spectacular. Thank you for coming over to support me on my first painting feature at Gathering Grounds in Avon! Love you Laurie and Sarah!


I have been M.I.A. the first half of the week. This was not because I didn’t want to tell you about my fabulously relaxing weekend, but instead I’ve been drunk on baby love. I had the privilege of meeting, snuggling, and quickly becoming obsessed with a couple of the most darling youngsters of 2016. My uterus ached for a hot second before I remembered the feeling of sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Then, that feeling of baby fever quickly passed go and did not collect $200. As I stated above, my weekend had many waves. Literal waves. There were high temperatures of 80 degrees and sunny here. For those who are not from the Midwest- this is not usual October weather. I soaked up all the vitamin D the sun would give me. Sending a shout out to Nick’s parents- They took us out for a cruise around Prior Lake on their boat before it was permanently locked up for the winter. My white skin laughed at me once more this fall as my face and arms darkened a tomato red. Regardless, it was completely worth it.

Fall in love with fall! I know I am!

Smock me…

I have art on the brain. Painting is my escape and calmer. When I pick up a hard bristle brush and turn on my Bon Iver Pandora playlist everything else disappears. My body starts swaying to the rhythm of the music, my hand articulates each stroke, and my mind fills with peace. 

live.love.paint 🎨 

Happy Saturday friends!