Independence is not just a day…

As we round out another annual holiday, I am grateful for every part of it. The beauty of being surrounded by loved ones, the mouth watering grub, and the unity and hope that the United States puts in every persons eyes. However, for most people today means that the celebration is over because the weekend has ended. Even though it’s the beginning of a short week, it is ‘back to the salt mines,’ as they say. Please try not to think that way.

The past and present great people of this united nation have strenuously endured and overcome challenges that gives us the freedoms we are allowed today. Remember all of those difficult times from hundreds of years ago to the most recent days and grow stronger together. Make good change, don’t halt it with anger or fire. 

I am given a choice every day to look at the world in a certain light and I chose to be optimistic for the future. I learn and grow by traveling, meeting new people and seeing unbelievable things. I will encourage you to find your niche. 

I would love to hear about an example of freedom in your life! Please feel free to comment below!

Traveling update: We were in sunny and 75 up in Duluth, MN this weekend. It was, by all meaning, perfect weather. Our friends brought us to Silver Bay to discover a beach spread with shimmering black sand and surprising bluffs. We also gallivanted north of Grand Marais to Judge C. R. Magney State Park to witness the treasure of Devils Kettle waterfall. If you are unfamiliar, please do yourself a favor and research it. Just spectacular. 

Today we are refueling, washing laundry and changing the tires on the handsome Versa in order to prepare for the next leg of our journey. Drumroll… Tomorrow we are heading back out west to experience some of the places that were still in winter the first time we traveled through. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and the Black Hills are a few stops on our list. Follow along for more updates!


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  1. swald875 · July 5, 2016

    Beautiful!!!!! 😍

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