Follow the waves…

IMG_3501Today I spent most of the daylight on Myrtle Beach. I ran along the seashells this morning, read a book over lunch and let more Vitamin D soak into my skin than I’ve had in the past four months combined. I’m not telling you this to boast about how I now get to spend my days, however I’m writing about it because today I experienced something that most people go their entire lives without experiencing.

Purity of yourself.

As I sat on my blanket, and all I could hear were the waves crashing against the shoreline, all I could smell was the salt as the sand blew across my toes and all I could feel was happiness, pride and contentment as the sunshine brightened my sunglasses to the point that I still had to squint when I looked at the water. This day was absolutely perfect.

That said, not everything went according to plan today. And there will be many, many more things that will “go wrong” tomorrow and the next day. So, why plan? Well, because we are human; and it makes us feel comfortable and as if we have some control of our lives. My parents always taught me that we have very little control over what happens in our lives. However, we CAN control how we react to it. That’s what I’m working on. How to react each day to what life hands me.

Best to you all. And just remember everything will be okay. And when it’s not try something else.

Peace and love from the Atlantic.



2336 miles later…

FullSizeRender (4)

Lynchburg, VA (top), Atlantic Ocean, NC coast (bottom left), and Fort Macon, NC (bottom right)

We are finally coastal travelers. Driving through Virginia and North Carolina, I’m getting to see parts of my country that you normally wouldn’t when running through the airport to catch your airplane to the next destination. A few things that have caught my eye I’ve discussed below. 

Poverty-There is poverty spread around almost everywhere in the world. But here I am noticing that the low income population isn’t located in just one area of a town; there are trailer houses and broken windows that where once thriving businesses that are surrounding upcoming cookie cutter developments. The pay gap is so significant in these areas and it is crystal clear to see.

History-As I knew before I began my coastal experience, the East/South presents more opportunities to travel back in time for a day and see the history of our country. I visited Fort Macon State Park in North Carolina and discovered all about coastal forts and the importance of a defense on the Atlantic coast. This fort was restored to an unbelievable condition and even included displays of artifacts and replica canons.

Food-This was one of my more personal discoveries in the area. Even though I am a sucker for a plate of mouth watering fried chicken over a bed of creamy mac and cheese smothered in gravy (my meal in Nashville), I need variety. As in fresh, delicious and maybe somewhat healthy produce. Now you wouldn’t think that fresh seafood with a nice side of asparagus would be difficult to find ON THE COAST, but man oh man! It’s like I am asking for the moon to be lassoed down, broiled up and served to me.

A HUGE thank you to Brandon and the Beatty family for the wonderful visit and the warm memories.

One last note-I’ve decided to try to keep my writing days consistent and commit to posting on Monday and Friday nights.

Much love, till Friday!


Not in the midwest anymore…


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IMG_1164 (1)

Well, we’ve made it to the south. Maybe not the true south, but I’ve been referred to as “honey” more times in the past 3 days than I have in the past 24 years of family get-togethers. It took us 7 hrs driving and a night in a hotel to make it through Kentucky, only thanks to the winter storm of the century and the inept funding for the state’s plowing services. But on Monday morning we finally made it to Nashville, TN. That night walking down Broadway was amazing, every other door had live music and the city came alive. The streets made me feel like a star; like I was meant to be there at that moment. Even though it was raining the neon lights shaded the moon.

Like every metropolis, Nashville appeared different in the daylight. Not boring or bad, just different. It was still raining, yet we still ventured over to Centennial Park and pranced around the only full-scale replica of the Greek Parthenon like we were the Gods. Thank you Athena for inflating my ego for an afternoon.

All packed up…

We’ve now been living out of our car for 13 whole days and it’s been amazing. We don’t have a chance to miss anything because everything we need is either stored in the cracks of the Versa or waiting for us at each of our destinations. So far we’ve made it through 4 states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. 

Each hour I’ve spent in undiscovered places with best friends and family has made me appreciate the time I’ve spent outside my comfort zone. This week I’ve learned how to rock climb, froze on the beaches of Lake Michigan, saw my reflection in “the bean” of Chicago and stomped through the snowy sidewalks of the University of Notre Dame. 


Tomorrow we are heading south to Nashville. Music city here we come!

Happy Valentines Day!


Back to my Roots


Growing up in central Wisconsin surrounded by potato fields, dairy farms and not much else gave me more than enough time to think. I thought about who I was and the person I wanted to become. After our first week of being on the road I am thankful that I have/had those wide-open spaces to think and realize that this is where I’m supposed to be. Even though throughout the years reflecting on different times, I know that I will always have my country girl roots that made me who I am today.

Since it’s been a week from the last time I posted, I wanted to share a few highlights. All that know me and have witnessed at one point or another the joy that children bring into my life and this week I was lucky to be a part of some big moments. I welcomed Miss Maya into the world and celebrated with one of my truest friends the beauty of starting a family. I also stacked firewood, milked cows, built tree forts, and ate lots of strawberry pancakes.

Back on the road tomorrow!

Home is where the heart is…


As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words;” this photo means something different to each person that sees it. Some of the few may be bonfires, friend gatherings, birthday parties, and always lots of food and love. Many memories have been made at this home and they will all be cherished. As this past week was filled with packing and sifting through our belongings that accumulated over the past two years, we found momentos that reminded us how each of you fit into our lives and the great impact you’ve made. And even though I had to fit 6 months of my life in the compact space of a Versa hatchback, I realized that stuff isn’t what makes a home, it’s wherever you make it.