The place where everything is trying to kill you…

Our trip back out to the old west kicked off this week. It started out with a brief 6.5 hr. drive crossing over into Nodakian territory. We dazed in Bismark, ND for a night. Even though we didn’t stay long, we didn’t leave before we floated down the Missouri River on Nick’s Aunt and Uncle’s pontoon boat and slurped up our very first ‘real’ snowcone. Allow me to elaborate- This tasty treat was a three-toned mound of freshly shaved ice covering a hidden dollop of vanilla ice cream.

My first day in Yellowstone National Park was nothing short of a dream. Bison and elk graced us with their presence, minding their business, munching on grass and the blooming flowers. The burning stench of sulfur was almost enough to make you sprint in the other direction until you turned a corner and became awe struck by the unfathomable beauty of geysers forcefully expelling gases into the sky. I guess there’s something intriguing about walking, alongside 3 million people per year, on a dormant and curious caldera.
I’ll let the pictures elaborate. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on mine!
If you have any Yellowstone stories, I would love to hear them. Comment below!


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