Have you ever heard of making a wish on 11:11? When I was younger, I would always hope for a boy to return my crush or chemistry would sink in via osmosis. That ended when I realized that you decide if your so called wishes come true. 

The road lead me back to the farm this week. It was packed with mornings of picking strawberries, ice cream dates with younger cousins, and Michael’s craft browsing with Grandma. Between all of the mini chores, I took an sensational amount of time alone plugged into my music and letting the brushes feel the rhythm of my heartbeat. Painting fills my soul. Just as much as traveling does. Completing an art piece can be just as satisfying as sitting on a bluff staring out into the ocean. I now hope that at the end of the world I am crouched on a beach with my easel. That wish is my reality.

How are you making your wishes into reality?!?

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!


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