New kicks…

Meet Barry and Oliver (yes, I named my shoes). I’m working on channeling my inner superhero in and out of the work place. Running has always been something that makes my serotonin levels soar into a happier and more centered place. Even though I’m not fighting crime or bad guys I am grateful for this energy outlet.



“Look Emmio! I made Michelangelo!”

I mean seriously. Sorry Nick, you now have competition. 

Hope your week was as smily as mine. 🙂


(This wasn’t from Saturday, but I thought you would want a reminder of how adorable he is. Amirite?)

“How was your weekend Emily?” You may ask.
“It was grand.” Thank you for inquiring.

Saturday I didn’t even put a bra on. That’s how fantastic it was. I wasn’t snowed in (although the high was only 3 degrees), but I thought that after the monumentous weekend before that I deserved some down time. I later realized that Nick and I haven’t had a weekend this low key since our days in New Hampshire! Yowza! There were some similarities, but also some differences in our chill day. In both places we ate, slept, ate some more, and then moved to the couch to watch tv and eat something else. The big difference, though, was that we didn’t have to pack up after 48 hrs to continue on the road again. This morning, I did awake to speed off in Little Red. However, this afternoon I found my way back to the same location that I left from. My journey’s are timeless and will continue to give me small reminders of how I am ever so fortunate. Needless to say, we soaked up every second this weekend. 

Cheers to snoozin and cruisin!

I’m a pie girl…

Mouth watering pizza. Crowded train cars. Magnificent architecture. Every time I leave this city a little slice (get it, because of of pizza? ;)) of my heart remains there. 

2016 was very good to me. The roads I traveled down this year brought me deeper inner peace, grander forms of humility, and the strength to believe in the truest form of goodness. My heart goes out to all of those who have accompanied me throughout the year. I sure couldn’t have done it without you.

New Year’s resolution: Be me. Stay me. Believe in me. (Even though it’s a continuation from last year, it’s always good to have a motto). Cheers! 

A HUGE shoutout to Naji and Imani for being the grandest of hosts! Can’t wait for the next reunion!

New Year’s Story…

2017 New Year will go down in the books as a great. Braving 11 hrs hunkered down in 38 degree weather (with 0 degree wind chill), 2 million strangers, 6,000 NYPD officers, zero bathrooms, one tiny light up ball and an extreme amount of zest for this new year. I would say I nailed it.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Literally just ONCE. Every year forward I will cherish a warm house and television broadcast, as I enjoy a close bathroom and not being caged in like a herd of cattle. 

The people, the city, the atmosphere-simply majestic. Happy New Year’s friends!