Hippie Advice…

In a world where hate has a presence every single day, I challenge you to spread the opposite. Love. Yes, this may be the most hippie thing I ever say. Even so, this is more true now than it ever will be. 

This past weekend alone, I witnessed some truly shameful actions. I was proud to wear red and cheer on my alma mater, but what I saw and heard wasn’t the reason I choose that college. It made me feel ashamed that a school rivalry would spread such hate among complete strangers. Don’t get me wrong I screamed and chanted after touch downs and before plays, but I was disgusted during the boos and name calling of the other team. 

I’m asking you from one human to another, there’s enough hate on this planet to fill a million football stadiums. So, please do your neighbor a solid and be the caring and honorable person you are meant to be. And do it every day without hesitation. 

Much love!


Fall colors…

(Decade day for spirit week)
It may have taken me until 25 to figure this out, but I now know that I won’t waste any time. Be me. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of my past and continued supporters to help me through twisted times in my life. In the honor of fall beginning, I will compare myself to a maple tree. Some branches are more extensive than others much like my capacities. My roots are deep into what I truly believe and continue to dig in as my age increases. Sometimes my leaves are beautiful and full of life and other times they are lifeless and fall to the ground. However, every year without fail the tree grows in willingness, strength and beauty.

Happy pumpkin spice season to everyone!

The Plague…

Well, it only took 8 days with the kids before I caught the plague. It was only a matter of time. New/lots of people = new germs. Even if my voice level is the same as a man’s and I cough like an 80-yr-old smoker, I’m trying to see the bright side. Once this passes, I will be inferior to all illnesses! Okay, maybe not all…

Here’s to a glass of Emergen-C and early bed times.

Happy Monday! Get outside and enjoy the last warm days of summer and the beginning of the fall leaves transforming into brilliant colors.

Just Dance…

Lesson of the day: DANCE.

In your living room by yourself. With a crowd. On a pole. It doesn’t matter how; just dance. And often. 

With lots of health benefits such as increasing muscle tone, raising serotonin levels, better balance and strength, what do you have to lose? Plus, you never know when you need to pull out secret moves for a dance off. So grab a friend or your earbuds and bust a move! 

Love and dance!

Fan Readers…

You guys are the best! These are my stats from yesterday. I cannot thank you enough for following me on my journey. In remembrance of 9/11/01, being in support of your fellow man should always be a priority. Together we will be great and spread peace. Never forget. Learn from yesterday and strive for tomorrow.

Much love!

Late nights and late mornings…

My weekdays now consist of brushing up on my geometry too early in the morning, listening to short stories such as “The Most Dangerous Game” on tape and leading fire drills out to the parking lot. Even though all of my energy is captivated by youths and I all I want to do at the end of the day is crash, I know this is where I need to be. However, it just means that I’m back on the schedule of appreciating late-start Saturdays and friend time whenever possible. To end this week of hard work, we celebrated by spending last night chillin’ with homies. We reminisced in our old college bar with friends and jammed out with one of the most promising up-and-coming bands of 2017, Tabah! Check them out!
Relax and conquer.

With love!

Best Years…



If only someone could tell you when you are living the best years of your life…Would you listen? Would you pay more attention? Would you change?

I recall hearing this statement spouted to me numerous times as a young teen, during high school years, beginning college, turning 21, etc., etc. At the time I chose the smile, nod and ignore protocol. Thinking to myself, “just because you were once my age doesn’t give you an inside view into my mind.” Translation-“GIRL, YOU DON’T KNOW ME!”

As I become more seasoned with experiences and age, I find myself listen to others’ advice and words of wisdom more and more. Because now, I am realizing that I haven’t any clue what the crap I am doing! However, I am also finding it easier to become at ease with the unknown. The hidden beauty of those ‘best years’ is that no one decides that but you. It’s easy to live your life comfortably, cautiously and with reserve. I’m encouraging the exact opposite. Fall to the ground to know that you can pick yourself back up, question the rules to understand them, and stand alone because a crowd is just a shield.

Who’s to say they are the best years? What over qualifies these particular events in the span of your existence? You decide.

Comment below on your favorite ‘best year.’

Much love!


Last night I fell asleep because even with all of my might I struggled to hold my eyelids open. The last time I remembering being that tired, I was camping through Acadia National Park in Maine (see previous post :)) As my entire body slips into a temporary coma to rest, I call that day/week a win. If every cell of my body can’t stand to do one more thing that day, I did my job of living that day to the fullest. 

Even if I wasn’t climbing up mountains or tenting, this week I survived my first days in special education and successfully welcomed Hannah into MN. This including bike rides, days at the beach and a trip to the MN state fair. I can’t wait to share more stories in my life continuing in my ‘now home.’
First week quick story: The setting was in 9th grade English class. The bell had rung but two boys asked to go to the bathroom. 

I said “Sure, but quickly please. I will give you one minute and then I’m coming in there after you!” 

One of the boys turns to me without hesitation and responds, “I wouldn’t mind that.”

Happy long weekend! Congrats to Kayla and Paul, Aria is just stunning! You two are going to make the most fabulous loving parents. Love you!