Star struck…

I had a celebrity guest reside with me the past couple evenings. Although her resume portrays her with astonishing work and educational accomplishments, I recognize her as one of my most cherished companions. We have discovered new cities and untraveled roads together; we struggled with decoding boy lingo and unwrapping how to be an adult. I am so grateful to have her as my dear friend. 

Thank you Allie and Matt for the wonderful visit! Come again soon!


Turkey coma…

Holy balls, I’m stuffed to the brim. I feel like I have mashed potatoes coming out of my eyes and my clothes have a  permanent scent of pecan pie. However, before I go into a turkey coma for the next 3 days, I will share a story from my world this week.

On Wednesday, I was at Kids Company. I found myself sitting at a cafeteria fold out table full of kids ranging from 5-10 years of age. Each of the kids had a Thanksgiving bingo card in front of them with ripped pieces of notebook paper as chips. The spaces were filling up as the announcer was saying the next Bingo word. “Turkey!” She shouts. The 5-yr-old sitting across from me carefully slides a piece of paper onto his Bingo card to cover up that square. And with one breath says, “I’m thankful for turkey and I’m thankful for Ms. Emily. Maybe you could eat turkey with me sometime?” Now I have never been asked out on a date by a Kindergartener, but I can imagine it sounds like something along those lines. My life is complete.

Cheers to turkey and people that help you see the greater good.

Food, family and cheer…

The holiday season is among us. I spent my weekend in Wisconsin celebrating my family Thanksgiving. Before we stuffed our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes, each member of my family (only 35 of us-that were there) announced something that we were thankful for. As my mind raced to come up with one thing, suddenly it was my turn. The word that came out surprised everyone, including myself. I was thankful for EVERYTHING. I realized that it was impossible for me to pick just one thing. With the year that I’ve been blessed with, all of the opportunities that my life, mind, and body have privileged me with make me forever grateful. 

During 2016 holidays, I will continue to give more. Enjoy your holidays, family time, and giving thanks. 

Oh holy snow day!…

12+ inches in 7 hrs. Winter is upon us; with one foul swoop central Minnesota was slapped with the famous weather that keeps tan people away. 
One thing I realized yesterday- the teachers need snow days more than the students do. I spent my day putting brush to canvas and not changing out of my oversized Johnnie sweat pants.

Cheers to sipping hot chocolate and not sliding into the ditch!


Please excuse my hiatus from breathesmiletravel. The entirety of this blog is based off of being open and ready to try new challenges. And the key to achieving said tasks- smiling and breathing. I may have not traveled to an unseen geographical location in the past week, but my mind was traveling. So, I needed to take time and smile and breathe. This was also mixed with other emotions like draining my tear ducts, deep thought in silence and studying the back of my eyelids. The steady supply of damn good cups of hazelnut cold press didn’t hurt either. In order to continue my journey of openness and clarity I find that it’s necessary to take these breaks. 

I just want my readers also laughing, crying and getting lost through their 20s to know-I’m right there with you! 

Coffee Addiction 2.0…

My coffee admiration has soared to the next level. My newest title, adding to my already 5,637 others, is a barista! *que round of applause* It’s as phenomenal as it sounds. So, the next time you find yourself in St. Joseph, MN stop into The Local Blend for a latte of friendly conversation.

Coffee is truly my spirit animal. Let me know yours! Do you have a unique spirit animal?


An entire day devoted to wearing what ever you want and stuffing your face with sweets until your belly hurts. Yes please! As a kid, Halloween was my second favorite day of the year (after my birthday). As it continues to hold the spot of favorite holiday, I have been promoted to a new role in celebrating this day. I DEFINITELY still dress up in costume, but now I stand on the other side of the door. Passing out sweets and witnessing the pure excitement and wonder of the kids is the true reward. My smile from tonight will carry over until next year, when I put up spooky decorations on Halloween night for all the kids to see. 

Thanks Sam for supporting my crazy-Halloween-lady side! You’re the best!