I’m a pie girl…

Mouth watering pizza. Crowded train cars. Magnificent architecture. Every time I leave this city a little slice (get it, because of of pizza? ;)) of my heart remains there. 

2016 was very good to me. The roads I traveled down this year brought me deeper inner peace, grander forms of humility, and the strength to believe in the truest form of goodness. My heart goes out to all of those who have accompanied me throughout the year. I sure couldn’t have done it without you.

New Year’s resolution: Be me. Stay me. Believe in me. (Even though it’s a continuation from last year, it’s always good to have a motto). Cheers! 

A HUGE shoutout to Naji and Imani for being the grandest of hosts! Can’t wait for the next reunion!


New Year’s Story…

2017 New Year will go down in the books as a great. Braving 11 hrs hunkered down in 38 degree weather (with 0 degree wind chill), 2 million strangers, 6,000 NYPD officers, zero bathrooms, one tiny light up ball and an extreme amount of zest for this new year. I would say I nailed it.

Truly a once in a lifetime experience. Literally just ONCE. Every year forward I will cherish a warm house and television broadcast, as I enjoy a close bathroom and not being caged in like a herd of cattle. 

The people, the city, the atmosphere-simply majestic. Happy New Year’s friends! 

Big guy in the sky…

A day to spread cheer, warmth and love. Whatever your traditions are, some practiced for years or maybe a few new ones? I hope joy was had by all. 

In Minnesota we woke up Sunday morning, greeted by ice covered sidewalks and driveways. There was no need for skates to retrieve the Sunday paper. The wind howled through the trees and slapped the side of the house. However, with all of those deterants (that would usually cause a ‘normal’ person to lock themselves up until spring) we ventured out to spend the day with more family. It was a cherished holiday weekend-with many blankets and cookies.

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug once again. Stay tuned this week for my live updates on my journey out East!! Guess what city I’m heading to?…


Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping with 65 special education students at the mall. Tonight, I experienced my first ballet. Both astounded me in their own way. 

It’s Albany tradition to bring the students to the mall for a holiday get-a-way from school. Once there, the kids are assigned groups including a staff person. My pod consisted of three 8th grade boys, each with a list of gifts to purchase during the trip. I thought that was very well planned out. Instead, the boys took one look at the stores and beelined it to Gander Mountain. They spent half the day drooling over misc. guns, camo gear, and the stuffed animals hanging on the wall. Go ahead and guess how many times I gave the friendly reminder Not To Touch Anything. Even though I had to force my eyes to stay open when we loaded the bus to head back to school, my grin was permanent. These young gentlemen bring a joy to this world that can be seen if you spend 6 seconds or 6 hours with them.

Ballet has a magical way of making you feel intense emotion substituting dialogue for orchestra. With the temperature at -13 degrees (with a -33 wind chill) tonight the packed theater, phenomenal music, and majestic dancing warmed my soul. This was my very first ballet and it most definitely will not be my last.

Be amazed. It will make you feel alive.
All my love! 

Fa La La…

As my blood sugar attempts to even out this today, I left this weekend fully prepared to take on the holiday coming up. I recently read an article that stated during the holiday season, more fights and arguements manifest between family members than any other time of the year. During what’s supposed to be the most joyful time of the year turns into a race for attention and/or the grandest material gesture.

I challenge you to try something a little more humble this year. Spend time with your loved ones instead of spending money. Give hugs, kisses and love instead of giving extravagant gifts. Spread humility and kindness instead of spreading judgement and vanity.

Tell me about your holiday traditions or plans that you have this season! Cheers!

Grateful season…

The holidays are a time of year where it’s encouraged to give extra gratitude to those supporters in your life. I am blessed to say that mine are endless! For everyone that has given encouraging words about my art, to all those that opened their homes to Nick and I on our travels and for every person that has offered a hug, phone call or letter…cheers to you! I wouldn’t be me without all of you!

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”

 – Buddha

Hi, I’m Art…

Tonight was my artist debut to the public. It was a Christmas Day at an elementary school with Santa as the headliner, but I stood tall behind my 8 ft craft table. (Get it- because elves are short) In other words, my table appeared with glam and the general population cooed and gasped over my creations. Even if my sales weren’t sky high, my zeal was strong throughout the evening. When talking about my art to the children, parents and people of this small town I was continuously drawn back to why I paint. I hope to spread joy, familiarity, or strike any other feeling when relating to one of my paintings. 

Cheers to inspiration! Happy December everyone! 

Please let me know if you’re looking for a unique, lovely gift for that special someone. I would be honored to create a piece just for them.

Star struck…

I had a celebrity guest reside with me the past couple evenings. Although her resume portrays her with astonishing work and educational accomplishments, I recognize her as one of my most cherished companions. We have discovered new cities and untraveled roads together; we struggled with decoding boy lingo and unwrapping how to be an adult. I am so grateful to have her as my dear friend. 

Thank you Allie and Matt for the wonderful visit! Come again soon!

Turkey coma…

Holy balls, I’m stuffed to the brim. I feel like I have mashed potatoes coming out of my eyes and my clothes have a  permanent scent of pecan pie. However, before I go into a turkey coma for the next 3 days, I will share a story from my world this week.

On Wednesday, I was at Kids Company. I found myself sitting at a cafeteria fold out table full of kids ranging from 5-10 years of age. Each of the kids had a Thanksgiving bingo card in front of them with ripped pieces of notebook paper as chips. The spaces were filling up as the announcer was saying the next Bingo word. “Turkey!” She shouts. The 5-yr-old sitting across from me carefully slides a piece of paper onto his Bingo card to cover up that square. And with one breath says, “I’m thankful for turkey and I’m thankful for Ms. Emily. Maybe you could eat turkey with me sometime?” Now I have never been asked out on a date by a Kindergartener, but I can imagine it sounds like something along those lines. My life is complete.

Cheers to turkey and people that help you see the greater good.