Through your eyes…


What does it feel like to look through someone else’s eyes? Technically, I haven’t a clue. However, figuratively speaking, I’ve spent the past month racking my brain and trying to come up with an straightforward response to this question. Allow me to share my thought process.

A little over a year ago, I began a uncharted adventure. Starting out this trip, I felt a little off. You could say that was one of the reasons that I aspired on this trip. I spiraled around with passive feelings about myself and others. I questioned what my purpose was in the world, who I was supposed to become, and why I deserved everything that I had been given. Let me put your mind at ease and tell you that those types of questions are ‘within normal limits’ of what a young woman thinks of. In fact, if I wasn’t asking those things I might be concerned that I was too comfortable and not challenging myself enough.

Even though I took this trip with another person that leaned on me just as much as I use him for stability, I learned an incredible amount about myself.

  1. The people in my life that stand by me, support me, and love me for who I am are what’s important. They see me.
  2. I am so small. But I am not insignificant.
  3. Show people who I am; stand up for kindness, goodness and peace.
  4. Respect. Yes, just as loud as Aretha Franklin.

Every day I continue to learn. The learning never ends even after I have these realizations. I believe that’s the key. Finding myself isn’t a one stop trip. Each person takes time to evolve through their own experiences and in their own way.

To look through the eyes of another isn’t rocket science or even something you have to study at all. It’s simply being a human-being uncomfortable, learning, showing support for others and loving ALL.

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you for following me on my journey of life and taking the time to see through my eyes.


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