Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping with 65 special education students at the mall. Tonight, I experienced my first ballet. Both astounded me in their own way. 

It’s Albany tradition to bring the students to the mall for a holiday get-a-way from school. Once there, the kids are assigned groups including a staff person. My pod consisted of three 8th grade boys, each with a list of gifts to purchase during the trip. I thought that was very well planned out. Instead, the boys took one look at the stores and beelined it to Gander Mountain. They spent half the day drooling over misc. guns, camo gear, and the stuffed animals hanging on the wall. Go ahead and guess how many times I gave the friendly reminder Not To Touch Anything. Even though I had to force my eyes to stay open when we loaded the bus to head back to school, my grin was permanent. These young gentlemen bring a joy to this world that can be seen if you spend 6 seconds or 6 hours with them.

Ballet has a magical way of making you feel intense emotion substituting dialogue for orchestra. With the temperature at -13 degrees (with a -33 wind chill) tonight the packed theater, phenomenal music, and majestic dancing warmed my soul. This was my very first ballet and it most definitely will not be my last.

Be amazed. It will make you feel alive.
All my love! 


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