Turkey coma…

Holy balls, I’m stuffed to the brim. I feel like I have mashed potatoes coming out of my eyes and my clothes have a  permanent scent of pecan pie. However, before I go into a turkey coma for the next 3 days, I will share a story from my world this week.

On Wednesday, I was at Kids Company. I found myself sitting at a cafeteria fold out table full of kids ranging from 5-10 years of age. Each of the kids had a Thanksgiving bingo card in front of them with ripped pieces of notebook paper as chips. The spaces were filling up as the announcer was saying the next Bingo word. “Turkey!” She shouts. The 5-yr-old sitting across from me carefully slides a piece of paper onto his Bingo card to cover up that square. And with one breath says, “I’m thankful for turkey and I’m thankful for Ms. Emily. Maybe you could eat turkey with me sometime?” Now I have never been asked out on a date by a Kindergartener, but I can imagine it sounds like something along those lines. My life is complete.

Cheers to turkey and people that help you see the greater good.


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