Check yo self…

“You are so strong.” That is one of the highest compliments ever given. Though, on the contrary it can also be the most confused. Here’s powerful piece of advice, from my conference this weekend, that stuck with me- You don’t know, what you don’t know. 

This means that every person can only offer their own individual perspective. Even two siblings with identical upbringings have different thoughts and views. Soldiers on the same military base in Iraq, see and experience something different. Every single mother has their own story. Our mind is trained to categorize and make things easier to understand. Would you want your life to be thrown into categories making you seem just like others? I hope not; I know that I don’t.

So, next time you’re thinking of offering empty words of gratitude, I urge you to listen and ask questions instead. Our stories are what relate us to each other. They are what make us individuals. Get to know your people. If we all do that a little more, we can spread openness, respect and understanding.


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