Here’s to you!…

To all my loyal and loving followers: I deeply apologize for not keeping my promise of posting on Monday’s and Friday’s. However, I have decided to make a change-I will continue to post on those days (even if I have to set my alarm to remind me), but it may be just a quote I found inspiring, a song that perked my ear, or a suggestion from you! I will take travel, food or any other suggestions that you want to share with me. I will feature [blank suggestion] in a future blog post. Also, along with the social publicity I am including another little incentive to get your wheels turning. I will reward each participant with his or her choice of one of my personal hand crafted paintings! Now, you have no excuse not to join along with me!

I cannot wait to hear what YOU come up with! To post a comment does not require a log in for If you have any questions, let me know!

–Warm hugs and fresh coffee on a breezy fall day made my Saturday spectacular. Thank you for coming over to support me on my first painting feature at Gathering Grounds in Avon! Love you Laurie and Sarah!


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