I have been M.I.A. the first half of the week. This was not because I didn’t want to tell you about my fabulously relaxing weekend, but instead I’ve been drunk on baby love. I had the privilege of meeting, snuggling, and quickly becoming obsessed with a couple of the most darling youngsters of 2016. My uterus ached for a hot second before I remembered the feeling of sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Then, that feeling of baby fever quickly passed go and did not collect $200. As I stated above, my weekend had many waves. Literal waves. There were high temperatures of 80 degrees and sunny here. For those who are not from the Midwest- this is not usual October weather. I soaked up all the vitamin D the sun would give me. Sending a shout out to Nick’s parents- They took us out for a cruise around Prior Lake on their boat before it was permanently locked up for the winter. My white skin laughed at me once more this fall as my face and arms darkened a tomato red. Regardless, it was completely worth it.

Fall in love with fall! I know I am!


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