Hippie Advice…

In a world where hate has a presence every single day, I challenge you to spread the opposite. Love. Yes, this may be the most hippie thing I ever say. Even so, this is more true now than it ever will be. 

This past weekend alone, I witnessed some truly shameful actions. I was proud to wear red and cheer on my alma mater, but what I saw and heard wasn’t the reason I choose that college. It made me feel ashamed that a school rivalry would spread such hate among complete strangers. Don’t get me wrong I screamed and chanted after touch downs and before plays, but I was disgusted during the boos and name calling of the other team. 

I’m asking you from one human to another, there’s enough hate on this planet to fill a million football stadiums. So, please do your neighbor a solid and be the caring and honorable person you are meant to be. And do it every day without hesitation. 

Much love!


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