Best Years…



If only someone could tell you when you are living the best years of your life…Would you listen? Would you pay more attention? Would you change?

I recall hearing this statement spouted to me numerous times as a young teen, during high school years, beginning college, turning 21, etc., etc. At the time I chose the smile, nod and ignore protocol. Thinking to myself, “just because you were once my age doesn’t give you an inside view into my mind.” Translation-“GIRL, YOU DON’T KNOW ME!”

As I become more seasoned with experiences and age, I find myself listen to others’ advice and words of wisdom more and more. Because now, I am realizing that I haven’t any clue what the crap I am doing! However, I am also finding it easier to become at ease with the unknown. The hidden beauty of those ‘best years’ is that no one decides that but you. It’s easy to live your life comfortably, cautiously and with reserve. I’m encouraging the exact opposite. Fall to the ground to know that you can pick yourself back up, question the rules to understand them, and stand alone because a crowd is just a shield.

Who’s to say they are the best years? What over qualifies these particular events in the span of your existence? You decide.

Comment below on your favorite ‘best year.’

Much love!


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