Last night I fell asleep because even with all of my might I struggled to hold my eyelids open. The last time I remembering being that tired, I was camping through Acadia National Park in Maine (see previous post :)) As my entire body slips into a temporary coma to rest, I call that day/week a win. If every cell of my body can’t stand to do one more thing that day, I did my job of living that day to the fullest. 

Even if I wasn’t climbing up mountains or tenting, this week I survived my first days in special education and successfully welcomed Hannah into MN. This including bike rides, days at the beach and a trip to the MN state fair. I can’t wait to share more stories in my life continuing in my ‘now home.’
First week quick story: The setting was in 9th grade English class. The bell had rung but two boys asked to go to the bathroom. 

I said “Sure, but quickly please. I will give you one minute and then I’m coming in there after you!” 

One of the boys turns to me without hesitation and responds, “I wouldn’t mind that.”

Happy long weekend! Congrats to Kayla and Paul, Aria is just stunning! You two are going to make the most fabulous loving parents. Love you!


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