My new show on HGTV!…

Great news: I am going to be featured on a brand new home makeover/cooking show presented on HGTV! Coming soon!
False. But I should look into it. My trip home this weekend, turned into my very own episode of ‘Top Chef’ combined with ‘Fixer Upper.’ That may be a little extreme, but I was still pleased with my completed projects. With a little help (okay, quite a bit of help) from my very crafty and precise younger brother we fashioned together a dining room table. All it took was a rainy afternoon and a few lost scraps to create a piece of work that looked like it belonged in page 29 of a Pottery Barn magazine. No matter how much I adored my new piece of furniture, I truly cherished the time spent with my one and only little bro. 

In addition to that project, my mother introduced me to the pressure canner. We made salsa! All of the vegetables, of course, were freshly grown in her garden. Can you say mouth-watering? 

So the next time you stop be we will be offering homemade salsa and chips to snack on, while relaxing at our uniquely individual Pottery Barn-esque table.

Thank you Mom, Dad and Jake for the time spent together this weekend. It was needed and highly valued. 

Much love to all of my loyal readers out there. Please comment below if you have a new project that I should dive into! I would love to hear from you! 



  1. beth · August 23, 2016

    That table is beyond cute!!!! Great Job!!!


  2. swald875 · September 11, 2016

    Will you make me a bigger version of that table for my kitchen for Christmas? 😍 Pleaseeee?!

    Liked by 1 person

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