Might and Will…

Nick and I apparently missed the Versa a little bit. Tuesday morning we woke up with zero plans for the day. And by 10:30am, we had packed together a cooler of hot dogs and water, a few extra clothes, and a steamy tent (that’s been cooped up for over a month!) and we headed north for a couple days. Our next stop was something that we’ve actually stopped and viewed it’s beauty in a few different states along our way including Iowa, Missouri and Louisiana.

The mouth of the Mighty Mississippi River. 

All land forms impress me, but bodies of water truly leave me in awe. As I pulled off my sneakers to dip into the “Mighty Mississippi,” I realized something spectacular. At it’s beginning it isn’t mighty at all. There is, however, a current and will. With that starts an astounding trip cutting and growing through the center of North America. Feeling the water rush past my ankles as I waded through the entire head of this river, I couldn’t be more amazed. 

High five to spontaneous and wondrous exhibitions! 
Intriguing facts about the Mississippi River for those interested:

It’s rushing waters flow 2,340 feet beginning in Lake Itasca and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. For a drop of water, it takes a total of 90 days to travel the entire distance. Combined with the Missouri River it forms the longest river in the U.S. and the forth longest in the world (behind the Nile, Amazon, and Yangtze). An estimated 18 million people or over 50 cities rely on the the Mississippi for their water supply (a large percentage of those people are located in Minnesota). 


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