Best Friend…

Care. Happiness. Love. Support. These are just a few simple man-made words that try to describe one of the most challenging, sacrificial, bonding, and rewarding jobs as a person can have. It is the full purpose of being a best friend. In any situation, the truest meaning is portrayed when that person is simply there. It may be every day with small challenges or once a year with a new life change. They are there. Picking you up from the mud of others actions and bringing joy into your life as if it’s the last time you are going to smile. 

I am reminded with moments and cherish how valuable that notion of being/having a best friend is. I certainly don’t have enough pictures or words to express to people in my life whom I am blessed to give that undoubted title to, but enjoy the pictures I tried to dig up.

I love all y’all.
Happy August to everyone! This is going to be a pretty monumental month (pun intended) for Nick and I. As it may not include visiting any actual monuments (or maybe it will), we will be taking a few steps back into Minnesota for a while. I am excited to incorporate my ‘gypsy lifestyle’ back into central Minnesota. Follow along as I take yet another unmarked path in my life!

Side note-Congrats to my big bro and his new bride!


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