Wedding bells ringing…

As I lay my dress out for the morning, paint the top coat of polish on my finger nails and perfect my maid of honor speech in the mirror, I am 100% ready for tomorrow. 

No matter how many mountains I climb or beaches I lay on soaking in the sunshine, nothing compares to experiencing life with your other half. I can’t exclaim my excitement loud enough for two of my favorite people who are getting hitched tomorrow. Both sides of the duo have amazing hearts and I’m incredibly grateful to be standing next to them on the day that they pronounce their love for each other. 

With all of the mushy business out of the way now, I cannot wait for my ‘big day.’ Let me paint you a picture-A white sand beach. My man. Five or six guests, tops. The ocean crashing waves in the distance. No stress. No drama. No debt. Just us. THEN a huge party after to drink, dance, and be merry.

But in the mean time, I am going to be the best freakin MOH there ever was for two of my best friends. The venue is set, the guests will arrive and we will have ourselves a bangin’ time kicken’ it with the Kriegels! 


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