Summer is here!…

Celebrating this Father’s Day weekend in Minnesota was hot hot hot! I fell in love with Minneapolis all over again. I started by driving a few balls out on the golf green. Then, we made our way over to the Bloomington farmers market for a delicious scone. We spent the majority of the time though melting in the sun by the Stone Arch Bridge for an annual festival. Hundreds of vendors lined up to sell art, food and goods. Just waking around sipping lemonade and talking to fellow entrepreneurs made me appreciate the beauty and warmth (quite literally) of this medium-sized U.S. city. I’ve come to realize that those size cities suit me well because there are always activities going on, but it’s not overwhelming big like New York City or L.A. (even though I like to visit those bigger cities). 

I’m thankful that I got to spend this holiday with Nick’s family, but I did think a lot of my dad and his influence on me too. I only got this far because my dad led me on a path. Some days I thought it was the wrong path, but I angrily persisted. Even though my dad was a man of few words, he always knew what to say to comfort me or guide me. Now, I am exactly where I want to be, credit to my one and only father. 

Cheers to all of the dads out there and the beginning of a sunshiny summer. ☀️

Like or comment below on your favorite summer activity! Maybe I’ll try it and feature you in my next post!


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