What’s next?…

I’m baaack! Regardless of the green and gold running through my veins, Minnesota has a special place in my heart. Driving around the cities, many places felt familiar and comfortable.

Since crossing the St. Croix River, one of my favorite questions has been ‘How didn’t you and Nick kill each other being around each other 24 hrs/day?’ Simple answer: Because we are friends first. Of course we had our disagreements and necessary silent moments, but it was not any more than any other couple living ‘a normal life.’ I would even say that the best part of this trip was getting to spend it with someone I call one of my favorite people. I think one of the most cherished parts of a successful relationship is relying on each other as friends before anything. And to experience new things every day is just a bonus. I am so blessed to have found that in Nick. 

So what’s next for the travel duo? I am happy to announce that we haven’t any idea. Besides bopping around Wisconsin and Minnesota to visit family and friends, we are open to ideas. I’m ecstatic to begin what seems to be shaping up as a perfect summer in the Midwest. 

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