Girls just wanna have fun…

Riding solo. One man wolf pack. Loner. This was the furthest description of my weekend. I ditched Nick for a few days to be with my girls!

About 8 months ago, I was honored when one of my favorite couples asked me to be the maid of honor for their wedding. Even though I already had a closet full of bridesmaid dresses (I’m well on my way to be the next star for a sequel of 27 dresses…), this request was different. I knew the that motions of showers, parties and vows were similar to the millions of weddings that happened each year, but these two people were nothing short of extraordinary. A real life fairytale, if you may. But one of the best parts and my favorite quality of this couple is that they don’t focus on the so called ‘fairytale.’ Instead, they live and love each other in the deepest way possible everyday. That doesn’t mean they don’t have their disagreements like every couple, but they prove to each other that their love conquers all. I feel so blessed to have these two individuals in my life and as such a role model for the beauty of commitment, hard work and happiness. 

#kickinitwiththekriegels #gofalcons

As I joined thousands of young men and women around the country this weekend just trying to enjoy being young and free, my heart goes out to those affected in Orlando and around the U.S. 



  1. swald875 · June 14, 2016

    Thank you for making this weekend the best girls weekend of my life! You are so modest to not post about the dance off that you conquered! I love you and can’t wait until the wedding! Love you!!!!

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  2. Jessicamechelle · June 14, 2016



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