Lime Jello…

There’s something to be said about coming back to a place after being gone for a period of time. Sure, it still looks the same with the same buildings and same people, but something feels strikingly unfamiliar. You almost feel out of place. Wondering if you’ll ever fit back into that jello mold you were poured into and it hardened around you.

As for my experience, this particular place was my home town. And I would say the jello flavor was lime. This only because lime isn’t a bold green, but it’s still bright and obnoxious. (Open interpretation-use your imagination) Poking through into my young adult years, I quickly began to feel that I had more to offer than what my booming metropolis of 8,000 (population) had available. I had the thirst for growth and knowledge about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. People and places foreign to that mundaneĀ lime jello fascinated me to every extent. Once I got a taste of culture, art and religion I realized that I didn’t even care for the lime flavor.

Antigo, WI will always be where I spent my morning hours learning Math in school and where I developed my first boy crush. However, I became familiar and comfortable with who I truly am in Tokyo, Japan when I became stranded on a train. Even more so, when I studied in Europe and most recently, when I decided to pick up everything and travel the United States. My light shined. I was no more a stranger in the dark. So now when I go back, I am no longer the pony-tailed brunette dressed in a hoodie and jeans (although I do style that look from time to time). Instead, you’ll notice me dancing/singing in the parking lot of Fleet Farm or talking to a stranger in the check out line of the grocery store. I’ve given up trying to be something I’m not or fit into an expectation of what I should be. Expectations are crap. Trust me though when I say this was not an easy task and I still even work at it. If I have one piece of advice this week it’s DON’T FIT THE MOLD. Do something unexpected and I promise that you will grow substantially. What do you have to lose?

Love to all of my loyal jello-loving readers! Happy Friday!

Nick was behind the tractor again! IMG_3301 (1)

New kittens with the cousins!IMG_3307



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