Colors of the Wind…

Whether you have changed through years by education, military involvement, or traveling the world, I hope you ride it out. This changing or as I prefer to say it, growing is necessary as a person to become an essential part of our functioning planet. The world is always moving and changing. Therefore, so must it’s subjects. I can speak for myself when I say that I am not a physicist who can figure out logistics of energy, matter, motion and force, but I do know a few personally. I am not trained to fight in battles that our country stands in, but I do support every military man and woman. So even though I do not hold the title of a physicist or a soldier I will never stop learning or fighting to understand and continue to make our world a better place. I have many more countries and places on my ever growing list of wanderlust, and you have my word that I will never cease to move forward. For me, traveling is hope. Each unfamiliar place I explore and every person I meet with an untold story is what keeps this world turning.  Enjoy your week! If you can, take a minute to feel your heart beat or listen to your breathing to remember the reason you’re here. 

Wisconsin has welcomed me back so nicely. I am enjoying the country breeze and wide sunsets. 

Like and/or comment below on what has helped you grow into the person that you are today?


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