It’s Always Sunny in Madison…

Nick learned how to drive a tractor! (He rocked at it!)IMG_6243

First strawberries of the season!IMG_6246

My GORGEOUS cousin and I petting a bunny at Culvers. (awesome idea, interesting location for a petting zoo)IMG_6241

I returned to my place of employment during the summer months of my college years. Even though I had grown up on a dairy farm and was very familiar with hard work, I had no idea the impact Bures Berry Patch would have on me. I learned to work every day with integrity and perception. I believe these are skills you only acquire with age and interest. Gratefully, I had an understanding and very patient boss to lead me along that journey. I welcomed these new skills as they brought me joy and purpose as I worked each day.

As I was working back on the farm the past couple of days, I felt right back at home. I will never be able to thank the Bures Berry Patch and mostly importantly my Uncle Ed enough for the wonderful lessons that I now use every day. I can’t wait until the next time I’m in the patch, but until then I will focus on the few early berries that were ripe and juicy enough sitting happily in my belly.

We are continuing to visit family and friends in the Midwest!

Please like or comment below! Wishing every one a sunny and beautiful weekend!



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