Boom clap…

On May 30, 2016 our trip became international. It is our 120th day on the road and last day in New York. I am sitting on a rock only spitting distance from Bridal Falls at the impeccable Niagara Falls. I can hear the roar of the water as we are waiting for the Memorial Day fireworks to begin. First though, I wanted to fill you in with my blissful weekend. We were among the 93 degree heat and thousands of people observing the Falls this weekend. Of course, we set sail on the Maid of Mist to taste the beauty from the top deck. When you get that close to a waterfall, all you can do is let go and feel alive. We tromped off the boat after 30 minutes, sounding like two-year-olds that just ran through mud puddles in their new tennis shoes. We were ecstatic to continue our joy, so we bounced across the Niagara River to the great land of Canada. We came, conquered and waved as we left the maple leaf country behind us. Other than our Niagara Falls adventures, Nick and I experienced our first ever drive-in movie! According to Nick’s mom, it sounded pretty much the same as ‘the olden days’ only we didn’t have to worry about accidentally stealing the speaker when we headed out for the night. Even though we usually can’t wait to get out of the car when reaching a destination, I felt at home when we were watching X-Men snuggled in the Versa. Another great place to visit is Fort Niagara. We spent hours enjoying the breeze off Lake Ontario and walking around the retired military base.

It’s been a grand last leg of our east adventures. Back toward the Midwest tomorrow!

The complementing lightning of the fireworks to the thunder of the water has begun!


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