No pants, No problem…

Up until this point, I have only posted about experiences that have blown my mind and left me speechless. This, followed by numerous pictures giving you, as a reader, the feeling of inclusion on my trip. I love that I have so many people supporting and following me on this journey! 

Today, I will describe my past week but I will be the one feeling included in your life. Nick and I trekked from Maine to western New York, stopping in New Hampshire for a few nights. I would tell you that we hiked through the mountains eight hours each day and suffered through the cold nights huddled in our tent. But that’s simply not true. We spent most of our time inside eating, watching TV and doing not much of anything. To be honest, one day I didn’t even put pants on. It was glorious. 

If this post is disappointing to you, I’m not sorry at all. This week was fantastic. Sometimes you don’t need a ground breaking adventure to find what you need. Apparently, we just needed a day to do nothing. 

As I said, we are now in western New York. The place you ask? No where other than Niagara Falls! Happy Memorial Day weekend! Hug a service member of you are able and remember all of the lost military men and women. 


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