Duck duck moose…

I’m alive! There were no moose attacks or ocean casualties in this party of two. I haven’t seen a shower or slept in a real bed in six days, but my heart is bursting with emotion. Our last five nights were split between Wompatuck State Park in Massachusetts and Acadia National State. I somehow still can’t get enough of this life. My only regret is not doing it sooner. Wompatuck was quant and close to Cape Cod and Boston. Acadia was tranquil and by all means, perfect. The ocean glowed under the sun half the day, and then became an angsty teenager when the clouds rolled through. Acadia is a must see for national parks. Mount Desert Island (the island that hosts the national park) has it all. The deep pine forest are dotted with fresh water lakes and was surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, much like a saddled cowboy herding his flock of sheep. The vast, uncontrolled waters carve into many cliffs making spectacular rock formations. We hiked until our feet couldn’t take another step and our bellies were rumbling for something more than cliff bars. The exhaustion was well earned, but worth every moment.

I will let the pictures describe the rest, but I do have to explain one picture. One of my favorite spots to observe the mind and humor of the ocean was Thunder Hole. If you are unfamiliar, allow me to inform you. Thunder Hole is made up of two cliffs that were carved out by the ocean. In the middle/bottom of the two rocks is a cave like hole. When the water splashes the cave with enough power, the water makes a thunder-sounding boom. However, what they fail to mention to the newcomers is that the “splash” is more of a wave. And if you happen to be in the line of fire, let’s just say, I hope you brought a change of clothes.



Please feel free to like or comment below. Tell me a story of your favorite State/National Park!


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