On Tuesday, we hit our 100-day-on-the-road mark. That’s crazy! I am celebrating by continuing to be free. The freedom that I’m referring to doesn’t just apply when you decide to pack everything up and live out of the back of a Versa. I’m talking about instead of making your worry line more prominent, you let go of the stress and call up your girlfriend for a coffee date. It’s when things aren’t going according to plan, you decide to take an unknown path instead of the easy route. And the times you can’t help but dance in your car, on the train or in the middle of Target because your jam controls your movements.

When I think of the past 100 days, I can easily pick out my favorite moments thus far. If you’ve read my other posts you already know that I like to list. So, here goes.

  1. Every moment I looked out into the distance and couldn’t see an end.
  2. Every laugh had with old, new and rekindled friends.
  3. Every sad, frustrating and exciting emotional breakdown.
  4. Every moment shown how LOVE comes first. Always.

I’m so excited to continue on this unbelievable ride (short and long term). Enjoy your freedom to be you.

As always, feel free to share your story below.  Happy weekend!


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