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With today focused on celebrating a person that can hold the title as caregiver, teacher, biggest fan and best friend (at one time!) I thought it was appropriate to give this post the following title. As I was scrolling through Facebook this afternoon, I was high on how many pictures and heart-felt words were hung in honor of each person’s special woman/women in their life. No matter if you have one mother or five mother figures in your life, you are blessed.

One frustrating teenage day, I decided to pack up my duffle bag and run away from home. Grudgingly, I only made it a half mile down the road before my stomach started to grumble. My grandparents welcomed me in for warm chocolate chip cookies while my grandmother slipped into the next room to call my parents. As I sipped on my juice, my grandfather didn’t ask me anything, he just peered over his newspaper with his reading glasses and grunted. I wiped my mouth of cookie crumbs just as I heard the car pull into the driveway. I stood up to grab my tennis shoes as my grandpa gripped his callused hand on my shoulder, startling me. He looked deep into my eyes and said, “You’re parents love you. Don’t be too hard on your mom either. You’re going to be her one day.” I tilted my head slightly confused by his words. At the time I wasn’t sure if these were words of advice or words to frighten me by. I gave him a hug anyway and walked to the car slightly ashamed of my actions. My parents hugged me as I hopped into the back seat and my life went on. Over a decade later, I still remember those words. Now realizing that my grandfather wasn’t trying to scare me, but he was trying to give me advice. Advice that has become so precious as I stumble through adulthood. I have this superhero right in front of me and if I pay close attention I might learn how to fly.

Cherish your Superheros. Live, fall, learn and get back up to fight another day.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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