Tornado Alley…

The location Manhattan, Kansas. It only took a little over 24 hours to find a fly baked into my chicken fingers at a local grill, scratch my other hand by barbed wire (requiring another bandaid), and witnessing flash flooding/3-hr tornado watch warnings. Surprisingly, the constant weather warnings scrolling across the bottom of the television screen wasn’t the highlight of my experience here; although that definitely didn’t make it boring. We were warmly welcomed by Nick’s cousin, Leah. It’s an amazing feeling to know that his family is just as amazing as my own. Between chilling with Netflix (not the 2015 meaning of ‘chilling’), eating lots of watermelon and battering down the hatches for a typical evening in the central U.S., we spent time exploring the local beauty. We enjoyed the sunshine while walking downtown Manhattan, gawked at a tangerine and lavender sunset kissing the vast sky above and hiked the gusty Konza Prairie. While trying to grasp the rocks so we didn’t blow away on the Konza, relationships were strengthened and confirmed.
Thank you for the weekend, Leah! Can’t wait for future memories!

I also want to take a minute to extend my thoughts and love to the tragedy that struck my hometown of Antigo, WI this weekend. Growing up in a small, family-oriented town you tend to sometimes forget about how close the world is. These unimaginable events aren’t real and can only be seen on TV. That said, I am sending all of my strength and condolences to the families and the entire population of Antigo because once a Robin always a Robin. Be strong and grow together. 


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