Fighting off bears…

I was all alone. Just me and him. I was sweating from the grueling hours before. I was so close to the end that I could taste it and then I blacked out…

That was a bit more dramatic than what actually happened. First of all, “he” was a rotary cutter. I was working so intently on crafts that I was sweating. Finally, when the cutter slipped and sliced my middle finger like a piece of meat I felt faint, but I did not black out. Thankfully, I made the decision to not go in for stitches because I had the best of friends patch me up and take every other sharp object out of my reach. I also had a therapy dog for the rest of the day providing me empathy and comfort.

Besides my act of clumsiness, I have adored my time in Omaha. We have been staying with college friends for the past few days. I’ve come to see that no matter the time between visits, true friends make it a cinch to pick up right where you left off. Good times were had prancing around downtown in the ice cream and candy shops, tours of The College of Saint Mary and lazy nights playing Mario Kart.

Love you my dear Kayla. I can’t wait to see the perfect mother that you will be! Paul, I stand true to what I told you four years ago (pre-marriage, house and baby). I will still come after you if you hurt her. 🙂FullSizeRender (5)




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