The land of books…

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Portland, OR-You took the breath right out of me. You were nothing that I expected, but everything that I needed. After being in small towns for awhile, it was refreshing to be welcomed back to a city by a Target and a transit station. Portland has characteristics of a smattering of different cities in the U.S., but had a whole new individual feel. Portland has it all.

A few of my favorite moments from my time in Portland were eating a maple bacon bar from Voodoo Doughnuts, wandering through the Rose Gardens, and discovering and refusing to leave Powell’s Books. The people are friendly, the location is quant and the rhythm is one in it’s own. Even though my time was short here, but I won’t hesitate to make my way back to this charming town.

Popular for their high number of strip clubs per capita, everyone is bound and determined to have a swinging time. Butt seriously, superb place.


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