Top 2 pictures: Crater Lake National Park; Bottom 2: Burney Falls Memorial State Park


“What do you do?” The first question that people ask after an introduction. My current response, “This. I travel. I live.” The questionable/slightly concerned/curious/envious look that I get staring back at me never gets old. At first, that look made me feel a little incomplete and less than satisfactory. Now it takes no effort to hold my head high when I exclaim what I do everyday. I have had days where I’ve cried. I have had days where I’ve smiled uncontrollably. But I’ve never had a day where I haven’t felt alive. I’m not a drone or replaceable.

When I think of other cultures, it doesn’t surprise me that they are more relaxed and less stressed than Americans are. One simple reason-they don’t let there work define them. For example, when I studied in Austria during my very first class my professor was 30 minutes late to arrive. However, he didn’t frantically rush through the door and give us an excuse of how traffic was terrible or how he forgot to set his alarm. He simply stood calmly in the front of the room, introduced himself, welcomed us to his beautiful country and told us that the first thing we should learn in life is that meetings are about the quality of the relationship, not the quantity. It’s been almost five years and that lesson still sticks with me.

Today is Monday, and for most people that means the beginning of yet another draining work week. My advice to you today and every day: don’t forget to live. Don’t let your life get caught up in money or your job. That does not define you, so don’t give it the power to. Of course I’m not saying you should act rash and quit your job, pack up all your belongings and travel around the country. Oh wait….

Live it up!

Feel free to share your story below. I would love to hear from you!

Many thanks and hugs to Jenny and Brent-the best hiking partners.


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