Me vs. The World…

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

One of my most impactful memories of me vs. the world was during the summer I turned eight. I was terrified when I had to pack up and move away from the only life that I had ever known. It took me a while to adjust and make new friends; but once I did I realized that I could go anywhere and experience anything that I wanted. I had just discovered my greatest strength. As I became older, my horizons for exploration broadened. So, I began checking states and countries off my list. When I arrived in young adulthood, like most people I was overcome by money and possessions. That to me was a like a light bulb or a smack in the head telling me that I hadn’t followed through on my dream. I decided to try the same technique that occurred when I was just eight-years-old, flipping my world and beginning fresh.

This imperfect, unpredictable, terrifying, beautiful life is mine. Even if I am clueless on what my next move will be, for the first time in my life, I’m not scared. On Wednesday, I was biking across the Golden Gate Bridge and getting screamed at by an older man that I was riding too slowly. And by Thursday I was gazing in awe at the snowy point of Mount Shasta. This is it. This is everything I dreamt it would be. With that, I’m going to embrace my inner fantasy and roll with it.



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