Surprises continue…





 Like Monday’s post submitted on Tuesday, I am a day (fashionably) late for Friday’s post. As for most of my travels, I have been in and out of cell phone and Internet reception. This generally includes most of the campsites we are staying at. Tonight, we are at a campsite about 30 miles south of Yosemite National Park where thankfully I have just enough service to update all of my followers on my past week of adventures.

As my parents were in a little Southern California road trip of their own this week, we decided to hitch our ride to theirs for a few days. We walked out way through the San Diego zoo and USS Midway, floated with the currents gawking over pods of dolphins surfing in the wake of our boat and splashed in the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. When it was time to split paths, I couldn’t stop beaming because this trip continues to present little things to smile about. Cheers to the beginning of our third month on the road. 

Thank you mom and dad for meeting us!

Love from he Pacific! Tomorrow is Yosemite!


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