Long not-so-lost friends…



I am currently living out of my car. It’s a thought that I certainly had to get used to; but the truth is a person doesn’t need very much to live. You don’t even need much to live comfortably. Nick and I have a place for every single thing in our small car. It only takes us about 25 minutes or less to pack up all of our belongings and hit the road again, depending if we are camping, staying at a hotel, or crashing at someone’s house.

One of the greatest treasures that I’ve discovered in the past 69 days on the road is how open and welcoming people are. Nick and I are very fortunate to have such supporting and loving families and friends; but the kindheartedness did not stop by those alone. We have stayed with family friends, their families and everyone in between. I am forever grateful that every place we’ve stayed we have been greeted with a hug, a place to sleep, and true compassion no matter how long it’s been since our last encounter or even if we’ve never met. The most recent example was from this past weekend. We stayed in Arizona with a childhood friend’s brother that remembered me as a 10-year-old running around with his little sister braiding hair and crushing on the Backstreet Boys. He didn’t even hesitate to open up his home to two wanderers and I enjoyed every moment of forming a new friendship.

The simple fact is that people love people; we seek companionship. My whole life I have been able to share stories, laughs and memories. And I’ve continued exponentially on this trip. I can’t extend my gratitude far enough to each person, but I hope that you feel it in my hugs, pictures and sincere words.

Love you all!


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