Sitting on top of the world…



This week brought me to a new high, literally and figuratively. With the minimum height of 6000 ft above sea level, my ears and imagination were popping beyond belief. As a girl that was raised in the Midwest and had adapted to cornfields and flat lands I could sure get used to this. This week, adding onto The Petrified Forest National Park, we also visited Zion National Park and The Grand Canyon. This is what I meant by a new high. I can reiterate what I wrote on Monday about not having any words. However, as a writer I think I can come up with a few.

Zion blew my expectations out of the water. I didn’t know what to expect, but they where topped times a million. Even with the sunburn, blisters and twenty-degree morning I couldn’t wipe that twelve-year-old, a boy just winked at me grin off of my face. It was permanent the entire day. If you have not made it to this park, I would HIGHLY recommend it, even for little children and elderly. This park was extremely organized and helpful to all visitors. One tip though-arrive before 10am to avoid most large crowds. But if you’ve ever traveled, you already knew that.

The Grand Canyon quickly followed Zion the next day. And even though we definitely should have given one day in between for resting, we were awe-struck by the canyon. Huge is a loose term to describe the vast, never ending views. Your eyes could not stretch far enough to see even part of it.

There were many breathtaking moments this week, but now heading to central Arizona for some more hiking.

Also, I wanted to include a shout out to thank the Flores family for such amazing hospitality last week. You are the best!

Love from the desert!


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