Still learning…


(Top and bottom left: Loveland Pass, CO; Bottom right: Penny Hot Springs- Carbondale, CO)

This journey *sigh*….Today, I am almost speechless. Well it’s more like today I didn’t feel like I had to talk. I could just reflect, take in, and process this journey thus far. And by this journey I’m not just including the past month and a half of traveling the country.

I have been the youngest employee of a company, I’ve taken the place as the older sister/cousin/friend, and I have given advice to peers. I have thought that I knew it all. Big surprise-I don’t know everything. Truth is I know very little; but what I do know is the most important part to my happy life.

  1. I know… that I will continue to learn every single day. People, including myself, never cease to surprise me in the best way. When you give a person the opportunity to be themselves, greatness is born.
  2. I know… that I will find beauty in the small things. The sunshine, green grass, a cool breeze, a baby’s cry, a friend’s hug, are all tiny reminders that the world is there right in front of us. Unfortunately, most days these things are taken for granted and looked past. But the truth is, that’s what life is made of. Small moments with reminders that we are alive.
  3. I know… that I will always keep growing. Whether it’s finishing a book, exploring an unknown city, counting my blessings or struggling through difficult times, the chance for growth is there. It can be hard to accept your past, but to learn and move forward as a stronger person is the best reward. Plus, without the challenging times, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the blissful ones.  Right?
  4. I know… that I will always love. Love others. Love life. Love yourself.

Take it from me, an uncertified, educated, naive, wise, energetic, calm, grounded, traveling 24-yr-old woman who feels alive, be open and kind. People (including yourself) might surprise you. Try not to pass up the little things. Take a minute to enjoy the life you have been given. And never stop loving, it’s our greatest strength as humans.

Happy living!



  1. Hannah Sutter-Balke · March 16, 2016

    I love you and your new adventures and discoveries. This is my favorite post so far. 🙂 Keep on!


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