Up in the air…

We made it to Colorado! And we were welcomed by yesterday’s far away friends. Words can not describe the happiness and love in that moment, but the tears and warm hugs did. We have already unpacked our bags in Basalt, CO for the weekend.

The title does not depict the feeling after a stroll through the state’s ever growing herb garden. Instead it describes the lack of air to our brains resulting in non stop laughter during our 3 hour drive deep into the Rocky Mountains. Or maybe it is just the emotion of seeing best friends after being away for 40 days. Every mountain and turn we take seems to be more breathtaking than the last. Of course pictures don’t do justice, but I still can give you a little taste.

Yes, we’ve been on the road for 40 days now. It’s amazing to think the beginning of this unbelievable journey was over a month ago. We are on a leg of our trip that is more unknown than before simply because the massive scenic changes. This makes me even more ecstatic to discover this part of the states.

I will continue posting pictures that need no explanation. Enjoy the read from your end and I will enjoy the ride from mine.

Love from the mountain girl!


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