I can see for miles miles miles…

Before I start my post, I wanted to share my trip soundtrack. Holocene by Bon Iver. Check it out! When I’m riding in the car, sitting on the beach or staring out into the vast openness it clears my mind and puts me into only that moment. 

It is only Thursday, but I was so excited to share about the ground we covered since Monday. On Tuesday morning, we discovered downtown New Orleans. That town has a rediculous amount of character. In only the couple hours we spent walking around, the city captivated my undivided attention. It was difficult leaving, but knowing that I would make it back one day eased my mind. We then headed 10.5 hrs west to Dallas, TX. I wish I could say that it was a smooth trip, but if you watched the news on Tuesday there were tornadoes watching over most of Texas. Thankfully, we didn’t see any on the road, but we did experience the effects of the wind and rain/flooding. When we finally did make it to our hotel, a hot shower and a bed was all we needed to lull us to sleep. Wednesday was again full of highway. However, it was much different than the previous day. Not only was the weather much more cooperative, but the scenery made me not want to blink. The remainder of Texas (all 6 hrs left) started with green wide-open fields spotted with wind turbines and oil drills. Toward the western half of the ginormous state the fields became more parched. After all we were heading into the desert and it certainly looked that way. We even ran over a tumble weed rolling across the pavement! Our destination for the night was Raton, NM. After setting up our tent just before the sun went to sleep, we learned very quickly that the desert gets very chilly at night. We warmed up with hot soup and curled up in our sleeping bags. The temperature hovered around 26 degrees until the sun peaked through again this morning. When it finally did though, the cold didn’t bother me anymore because the view again captivated my undivided attention.

More mountains today! Denver here we come.



  1. Hannah Sutter-Balke · March 16, 2016

    “And at once I knew, I was not… magnificent.” Holocene has the same effect on me.


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