Car daze…

FullSizeRender (5)

After ten and a half hours in the Versa, we successfully traveled through the remainder of Florida, the southern tips of Alabama and Mississippi and landed ourselves in New Orleans, Louisiana for the night. You would think with that much time in the car anything could happen. And by anything I mean everything.

I’ll take you through our average car ride. On this trip, each time we hit the road, we drive for approximately 6-8 hours to our next destination. During that time certain things always happen in our car. First, Nick and I ALWAYS break into song followed by ridiculous upper body dances requiring a combination of head bobs and arm flailing. Then, I usually become tired or realize that I am tired enough for a catnap. After I wake up, I write in my journal (because when I die I want someone to know that at least one person from the twenty-first century still knew how to write with a pen). Following (not necessarily in this order), we figure out plans for the next part of our trip/make reservations, etc., stop for a bathroom break, eat snacks, bathroom break, switch driving, play car games, and of course, another bathroom break. Even though these are the staples of my ‘normal day’ now, I can say that I don’t take any of these memories for granted. The reason, I get to experience a brand new something everyday with one of my favorite people by my side. Everyday when I open my eyes, I know that I’m going to have my challenges in and out of the car. But I couldn’t be more grateful every moment.


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