Latitude 24.55 N, 81.78 W


To my loyal readers: I know I didn’t keep my word on writing Monday, but I promise I have a good story as to why. We spent the last three nights pitching a tent, sleeping under the stars, taking deodorant showers and walking miles along back trails.

The first night, we spent in southern Georgia about a mile from the Florida border. Besides for the high being 37 degrees and eating cliff bars for dinner for the seven hundredth time, we were camping. I was exactly where I wanted to be.

The next two nights were spent driving the length of Florida. Our first stop was Titusville. Our campground was only a short distance between The Kennedy Space Center and Disney World. We spent the evening walking the Atlantic beach, searching for manatees, alligators and dolphins. We saw two out of the three. The last night was my favorite; we were in Florida’s tropical paradise, The Keys. Our KOA site was located on Sugarloaf Key. I could spend more time naming off every key, each with it’s own ridiculous name, but I won’t.  The bottom line is the natural beauty here is unparalleled.  The sun is so bright it sparkled off the water making it look like a sea full of diamonds. The islands welcome you like you were coming home after a long time away. I could spend weeks here exploring and discovering each island’s hidden treasures. Latitude 24.55 N, 81.78 W-Key West, lowest point in the continental U.S.

Make sure to tune back in on Friday for an update!

Love and warmth!


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